Preventing Heatstroke in Your Pets This Summer

August 04, 2022

Heatstroke can be incredibly dangerous this time of year for pets. Every year, people lose their pets to this preventable problem. To help you protect your pets from harm this summer, check out these tips for preventing heatstroke in your pets:

  1. Do not ever leave your pet alone in the car! Even if you leave your windows down, temperatures inside your car will exceed those outside, adding extra risk of heatstroke.
  2. If your pet is outside, make sure there are well-shaded areas for them to cool off and rest.
  3. Keep water available at all times. Your pets need to stay hydrated in high temperatures.
  4. Limit exercise to early morning and late in the evening.
  5.  Fill a children’s portable pool with water for your pet to cool off inside whenever they need to.

Recognize signs of heatstroke:

  1. Is it difficult to get your pet to move around? Do they seem exceptionally worn out?
  2. Is your pet struggling to breathe normally?
  3.  Have your pet’s eyes seemed to glaze over?

Know What to Do:

  1. Get your pet covered in cold water, or wrap them in cold, wet towels.
  2. Use ice packs on their head and neck to lower their temperature.
  3. Call your vet as soon as possible. 

Enjoy this important part of your family in the dog days of summer.