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In any profession, it's crucial for professionals to have the ability to easily explain the intricacies of their field to customers. I particularly enjoy clarifying terms when working with my clients, especially because insurance companies often use different names for the same coverage. This can make understanding everything quite challenging for those who aren't insurance professionals.

Being part of the insurance industry since 2000, I've grown accustomed to the insurance lingo and have encountered my fair share of different insurance quotes. Through this experience, I've learned that not all quotes are created equal. While the premium is important, the coverage it includes is even more vital.

During my tenure at Long and Foster Insurance, I've successfully overseen two departments. Additionally, upon transitioning to the sales team, I've consistently ranked among the top five agents for the past seven years.

Working as an insurance agent allows me to not only meet new people, but also learning about their lives and what is important to them. People have amazing stories if you just take the time to listen.

Outside of work, you’ll probably find me spending time at home with my husband and two sons. I also enjoy traveling and creating art in my backyard studio. If the weather is nice, I love taking long walks outside.

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What Jenn's clients are saying...

"Jenn Buskirk is truly an amazing insurance agent and, more than that, she is an amazing person. Intuitive, patient, and truly caring. Long and Foster Insurance is so fortunate to have an employee of this caliber!"
- Peter & Connie S.

"Jenn was excellent, prompt, easy to talk to, and explained everything clearly. Most importantly, she found us a great price for coverage."
- Alan & Nicole B.