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If I could highlight one important aspect of insurance, I'd emphasize its role in securing your financial well-being. Insurance isn't just about paperwork and premiums; it's a shield against financial turmoil. Whether it's protecting your home or car, insurance provides a safety net when life throws unexpected challenges your way.

I've been involved in the insurance sector since 1969, beginning with part-time work for an insurance agent in Chicago, Illinois.  Since then, I've earned certification as a Certified Professional Insurance Agent, achieved status as a Certified Insurance Counselor, and held multiple roles within the local insurance association.

Outside of work, you'll often find me enjoying outdoor pursuits like sailing, gardening, hiking, or taking walks with my dog.

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What Susan's clients are saying...

"Easy, fast and thorough."
- Benjamin F.

"They worked hard and fast to find the best coverage for my home, autos, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boat. I feel confident that they truly have the customer's best interest in mind."
- Kent P.